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Steele Creek Disc Golf Course


From DG Course Review: The beautiful Steele Creek Park is well maintained, clean and family friendly. There are now 18 holes available to play. The first nine (original) holes are to the left of the park entrance road; these holes start and end near the parking lot.

The second nine holes (created fall 2019) can be located by driving around the park road (traveling counter-clockwise). Near the end of the kiddie train track is a covered bridge and walkway going over the water. The tee for hole #10 is several hundred feet past this spot. If you’re already in the park, the closest parking would likely be near the Civitan Shelter. If you haven’t entered the park, you can continue on Steele Creek Drive and as it turns into Broad Street, there is free parking (Mill Creek Trail Head) available on the right side.

Golf clubhouse next door has a great selection of discs with good prices in addition to rental discs and course maps / scorecards.