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This park is located at 1160 Vance Drive. It is actually part of Steele Creek Park but is on the opposite side of the main entrance. It is 3.6 acres in size and is a very popular park year round. This park is built on land that is believed to have been the home of Colonel James King’s first Iron Works (Circa 1784). This area later became the City’s wastewater plant. The section known as Rooster Front Park was filled and leveled by longtime Public Works Superintendent, Charlie Robinette who believed this area should be a public park.

There is an 18 by 24-foot shelter with a 15-foot aluminum picnic table and a 15-foot handicapped accessible aluminum picnic table. This shelter also has water, power and lights. There is a playground next to it for 5 to 12-year-olds and also a 2 bay swing set with belt seats. Other activities in this park include a regulation size tennis court and a 71 by 74-foot basketball court.

Picnic Areas

There are 2 separate areas for picnicking. A picnic area is above the basketball court and includes an 8-foot table, grill and trash receptacle. The other is accessible by a bridge over the creek just off the trail. This area includes 2 picnic tables, grills and a trash receptacle. This area is located directly beside the creek.


There is an 8 by 8-foot information kiosk at the trailhead for this side of Steele Creek Park. The trail within this park contains 360 linear feet of asphalt paved trail and 550 linear feet of gravel trail. These trails are the lead-ins for the hiking trails on this side of Steele Creek Park. At the beginning of this trail, there is a stretching station and a 3-foot 9-inch by 5-foot fiberglass informational sign on the trails.