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Built in 1902 and beautifully restored, the Bristol Train Station is a charming backdrop for weddings, social gatherings, corporate events, business meetings, parties and more.

Our team works very hard to ensure the BTS shines and looks great for every event. Our team will meet with you and share their expertise to make your event perfect. We take pride in ensuring every event and every bride is happy and their day is as perfect as possible. We go above and beyond to make it perfect, executing any last minute changes that need to be made, and work hard to ensure the space is set up, cleaned and looks perfect for EVERY event – no matter how big or small.

Kegley Hall, the historic waiting room, features cathedral ceilings, Gothic-style architecture, original flooring, and beautiful chandeliers. A spacious balcony overlooks Kegley Hall, providing a unique vantage point for photographers, bouquet tossing and more. Adjacent front and rear patios offer ample space for cocktail hour, additional seating, or even an intimate ceremony. Capacity is 400.