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Bristol Sign


Not only does Downtown Bristol offer the best of two states, but it also provides visitors with a slew of experiences that are unique to beautiful Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Stroll through the vibrant heart of Bristol, and you will find the twin cities teeming with friendly locals who welcome visitors with open arms. They’ll proudly tell you about the many locally-owned restaurants and shops, live music and entertainment venues, arts and culture, and Bristol’s celebrated history.

The aptly named State Street, which runs directly through downtown, and the famous Bristol Sign, are two of the most popular stops for newcomers. One side of State Street is in Tennessee, while the other is in Virginia, making for one of the most sought-after photos on any visitor’s camera roll: them standing with one foot in Tennessee and the other in Virginia.

Near the end of downtown, the famed lighted Bristol Sign spans State Street and proudly states that Bristol is “A Good Place To Live.” The landmark on the National Register of Historic Places has been in place since 1915.